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* Virtual Gastric Band

Channel 4 showed a programme this week called ‘How to lose weight’ and they covered hypnotherapy.

The virtual gastric band is an interesting topic and most people are understandably sceptical about it. Having said that I have read stories in the press about it being successful and also heard first hand of people that have benefited from it albeit short term.

Most hypnotherapists that use this technique will also use traditional approaches that deal with the reasons why a person is overeating in the first place. Unless this is done the virtual gastric band is likely to be short term because the desire to overeat will take over.

The gastric band approach can therefore been seen as a bit of a gimmick, an excuse to charge a lot of money and possibly prey on desperate people.

If you deal with the reasons why you are overeating through traditional hypnotherapy or some other approach then there is no need for a gastric band virtual or otherwise.

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