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All the following testimonials are genuine and come from people who have had successful therapy with Julie. Some come from letters and email’s sent to Julie, others are quotes from press articles written about Julie.

The short comments on smoking cessation show what clients have said since becoming non-smokers.

Initials have been used to respect client privacy.

You can use the list below to just directly to testimonials concerning a particular subject.

Testimonials for Stopping smoking

*I used Julie James Hypnotherapy earlier on this year, cannot recommend highly enough! I have never experienced hypnotherapy before, but there is nothing to worry about and it really works! Much better value for money and like it said it actually works 🙂

JT Brighton

*”Neither my Husband nor I could believe the change in me after my hypnosis with Julie. I became very calm, relaxed and in control. I quite often smelt my Son’s cigarette smoke and thought I could have one, but I never did”

TS Horsham

*”I used to panic just at the thought of giving up smoking and consequently would smoke more. I didn’t think that Hypnotherapy would work for me, but it did. Now I don’t even thing about cigarettes”

SR Brighton

*”One session with Julie and I stopped smoking. A year later I am still not smoking. It is a pleasure not to smell of smoke, to be getting healthier and not being worried about whether I will be able to smoke when I visit friends or have a night out. In addition to Julie’s skill as a hypnotherapist, she also gives practical advice, which I found really helped. Having smoked for around 30 years the addiction is not the only obstacle to overcome. In my case the habit, giving myself a ‘treat’ particularly when having a stressful day, the enjoyment of a drink and a cigarette and my image of myself as a smoker, where the challenge was. Association of ideas, such as when you are away on holiday or the season changes and you catch a whiff of someone else smoking outside, are all very evocative of good times passed. For me there was a sense of loss that I don’t think I could have got passed without Julie’s help. I am so impressed by what she helped me do for myself that I am now participating in a course to learn how to hypnotize myself. I have already learnt a very useful relaxation techniques, which I am sure, will help raise my energy levels. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy – it works!”

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Testimonials for Weight Reduction

*”After two sessions with Julie my eating habits and attitude towards food had completely changed. I found hypnosis relaxing and together with the subsequent weight loss my confidence and self esteem have received a real boost.

Six months down the line I’m slowly but surely still losing weight.
The only problem is the cost of new clothes, but as they’re three sizes
smaller than before, it’s a nice problem to have.”

DW Dorking

*”Dear Julie

Thank you for changing my life.

When I came to you I had been a yoyo dieter for most of my life and, at nearly 60, I needed to change my attitude to food or risk dying soon or living out my life  overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.

After the first session it was like a switch had been thrown in my brain. I was no longer obsessing over food. I wasn’t planning my next meal or thinking about what I had in the fridge at home and whether I should pop into the supermarket for a few things. I was just relaxed in the knowledge that there would be enough food at home to sustain me.


This attitude has persisted and been strengthened by the following two sessions I had with you and, frankly I cannot see it changing back. I have now lost 1.5 stones and I know I will continue to lose weight until I reach the weight that is right for me.


Thanks Julie, you have freed me from dieting and from an unhealthy and restricting obsession with food. I recommend you to anyone who has something about themselves they would dearly love to change. You have proved to me that it can be done”

FC Brighton

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Testimonials for Confidence

*This letter was written to Julie after just two sessions.

“I want to write to you to thank you for what I feel is a positive change in my daily life, most of which I could not put down on paper.

I seem to be overall more calm and able to cope with the ‘stresses’ more easily. I have an inner confidence – I can only describe as a warm glow about me, holding me up and supporting me, whereas before I felt nervous & skirted conversations with strangers.
I genuinely feel more interesting, approachable and not afraid of rejection.

I have a more positive ability to just do things which I previously would not have, I and know that this is from the therapy you gave me.
Thank you for giving me the strength to try!”

AP Crawley

*Review written after just 3 sessions.

‘I noticed Julie’s details online whilst I was searching for a Hypnotherapist. Her’s stood out from the rest due to the outstanding reviews on Google reviews.
Some years back, I had been to see a Hypnotherapist with another problem in Harley Street. I went to Harley street thinking they would be the best. Well I can tell you now, you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees to see the best in the business. I never got anything from my sessions in Harley Street and had lost confidence in the whole Hypnosis thing. That is, until  I saw Julie’s reviews which instilled me with confidence. When I saw Julie, I then realised what a true professional can really do. Julie evoked such deep feelings of Hypnosis which I had not experienced before with the other Hypnotherapist.
Julie was amazing!  She made me feel relaxed instantly during our first meeting, and after three sessions I felt a new person. She has boosted my confidence and put laid to rest any issues I had before. I can’t recommend Julie enough as she is the real deal.  Thanks Julie for everything. Onwards and upwards for me – thanks to you!’
CC Brighton

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Testimonials for Fear of Flying

*Hi Julie,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU so much for fitting me in for a
session on the day I was flying off for my honeymoon two weeks ago. I had a really
positive flying experience and although I knew that I still didn’t like it, I didn’t
suffer any of the anxious ‘sweaty palm’ symptoms I expected to. And strangely, I
kept recalling some of the words you had spoken such as ‘isn’t it time to let this
fear of flying go now’ and it just seemed to work, especially when there was some
turbulence. Wow!! It made such a difference, thank you again.

S.H. Hove

*Quote taken from an article written about Julie in the Dorking Advertiser.

“The hypnosis helped me tremendously. We talked about what I felt like on the plane and what the idea of going away made me feel like. After the first session, it was as If I was walking on air. I felt really elated, I couldn’t explain it. I imagined I’d been in a trance but I was just really relaxed and everything I was saying was sharp and focused and I felt completely in control.

Julie was really positive and I’d thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone with a phobia. It’s given me loads more confidence and now I can get on a plane without being terrified.”

TF Rusper

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Testimonials for Pain Control

*”I have had back pain for many years and took painkillers until eventually they didn’t work any more. I then looked for another way to help myself. Seeing Julie’s leaflet and then ringing her was the best thing I have ever done. I cannot praise her enough for all the help she has given me, and now not having back pain anymore is wonderful. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone especially with Julie.”

PP Dorking

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Testimonials for Sleep

*”I have been suffering with M.E. for about four years now and throughout that time I have had a severe sleeping problem i.e. I couldn’t get to sleep when I wanted to. The only way I found I could sleep was by resorting to alcohol. This was fine at first just a nip at bedtime but of course one nip led to two etc. Obviously this wasn’t the answer and I was feeling just as ill from the effects of ‘the drink’ as the effects of the M.E.

My GP was unable to help with my sleep problem or any other problems and would not prescribe sleeping pills, (the only thing that actually worked) except for a one-off four week period. It was during this four week period of taking sleeping pills that I realized how important sleep was to my healing process. I had actually felt closer to being a normal human being in that four weeks than anytime in the last four years.

I felt desperate and left to struggle along alone until my Partner spotted an article in the local newspaper about hypnotherapy. I decided to try it and to my absolute amazement it has worked. I am now experiencing better sleep than I have since I became ill and consequently I feel better throughout the day.

Nothing else has helped in the whole time I have been ill and I am really grateful for it. Also I feel I have gained in confidence since my sessions. It has only been a few weeks but I have already found the
confidence to go back to the workplace – I no longer feel daunted by the prospect.”

DP Brighton

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Testimonials for Depression

*”I had always been very sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in any shape or form, but when faced with the reality of a psychiatrist telling me I needed to start a course of strong anti-depressants and two weekly sessions of analytical psychotherapy for two years I figured I had nothing to lose.

I have not looked back since. Even after my very first session with Julie I noticed a huge difference in my levels of confidence, my positive outlook on life and a general sense of well-being. Friends and family and even to so close acquaintances have not stopped expressing surprise at the dramatic change in me.

Contrary to my belief hypnotherapy is not temporary and although my last session with Julie was some time ago, I am still experiencing the benefits of this under-rated form of alternative therapy.

It would not be an exaggeration to say I owe Julie my life because without her help, I doubt I would still be here. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

KD Hove

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Testimonials for Multiple Sclerosis

*”I was diagnosed with M.S in June 1990 although I probably had it a couple of years before that. I have remitting relapsing M.S as opposed to primary progressive, which means I have attacks, rather than a slow decline. This can change to secondary progressive any time it wants to.
One of the most debilitating symptoms was chronic fatigue, which can strike at anytime anywhere and for no reason. It doesn’t happen because I’ve over done it. I could get out of bed and have fatigue by the time I’ve got down stairs. Fatigue can last day’s weeks or months there is nothing you can do. I no longer worry about it thanks to Julie James and hypnotherapy .I still at times have feelings of fatigue but they pass in about 15 to 20 minutes, so I no longer have that hanging over my head.

My eyes were giving me a lot of pain due to double vision which has been going on since May, I am due to go to the eye hospital on 7.01.02. My eyes became very sensitive to the cold, and I found I could not walk near to the freezer aisles in the local supper market. This was becoming very distressing, because if we had a cold winter I would not be able to leave the house without being in a lot of pain, now due to Julie, teaching me self-hypnosis I can guard against this by hypnotic suggestion. So this allows me to shop and leave the house without worrying.

Since being diagnosed with MS, I started to suffer with cluster migraines, which have increased in severity and frequency over the last four years and these have a direct effect on the M.S. Now due to techniques taught to me by Julie, I can if caught in time control them, and even stop them altogether, such as this week I have prevented three of them. Dealing with them in this way they no longer affect the M.S like they did in the past. Other symptoms that have improved are, my energy levels, my balance and vertigo.

The biggest advantage I feel I have been given is by Julie teaching me self-hypnosis, as anyone who has M.S knows you have no control over the way its going to effect you and you feel rather at the mercy of it. You are playing a waiting game with what part of your body it will attack next. By learning self-hypnosis, I now have a degree of control over the M.S for the first time. I now have something to fight back with, and its a great feeling to be more positive about the future for the first time in years, thanks to Julie.

JC Brighton

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Testimonials for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

*IBS is not an illness but it is a problem that destroys the quality of life for
the sufferer. It grew on me gradually and whilst I could eat normally at home,
outside in a social environment I began to dread eating with the resultant
problems which this involved. In the end I had to refuse all invitations which
involved food.

For over a year I tried all the medications prescribed by my doctor, but none
Then I met Julie James. I had read that hypnosis could help find the underlying
problems which caused IBS to start and take hold. Julie has transformed my life
by finding the causes of which I was unaware, with the result that even after
only one session I was so confident that I forgot that there had ever been a

The result is a miracle that has transformed my life. I am now rid of the IBS,
feel physically and mentally well and completely back on an even keel.

I cannot thank Julie enough.

SR Hove

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Testimonials for Panic Attacks

*After a particularly stressful 6 months which included a family bereavement; illness and additional work responsibilities, I started to suffer increasingly from anxiety and panic attacks.  These, became so frequent that I wouldn’t socialise and eventually was unable to go to work.

Although I had suffered from panic attacks before, which had been treated through medication, I went to Julie in the hope that hypnotherapy would offer an alterative to another long course of medication.  At our first session, I was particular anxious as my problem had made me fearful of any new situation, however Julie quickly reduced my levels of anxiety by using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to a level where I felt comfortable.  Julie’s professional and caring manner gave me the confidence to start the hypnotherapy sessions.

Immediately after the first session I noticed I was far calmer and more relaxed.  Part of me still expected that I would have another panic attack, however as the following week progressed I didn’t have one attack – there where a few times when I felt anxious, but I was able to control the anxiety and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

With subsequent sessions, I continued to improve to point that I now have regained complete control of my life and I am able to take on new situations which I would have avoided prior to Julies’ hypnotherapy sessions.  I haven’t had a panic attack since my first meeting with Julie – amazing.

I went to Julie with an open mind but wasn’t expecting any major improvement with my problem.  I was, and I am still amazed at the difference that the sessions with Julie have made to my well-being.  I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy sessions with Julie, to anyone who has experienced similar panic or anxiety problems.


GW, Charlwood 

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