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* Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Hypnosis is the art of suggestion. As hypnotherapists we take people into hypnosis and then offer suggestions to the subconscious mind about making changes.

The whole placebo effect is based on suggestion because in the medical profession they know that if a medic gives a patient medicine there is a certain chance that they will get better no matter what has been given to them. Therefore every new drug that is bought onto the market has to be tested against a placebo drug to see how effective it really is.

The suggestion there is that if a doctor gives you medicine you will get better.

Everyone is quite happy to accept that we are all suggestable to a certain degree at times. All hypnosis does is enhance that suggestibility and use it to a person’s advantage.

To say that hypnosis does not work would be the same as saying that the placebo effect does not exist.

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