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...Confidence Hypnosis

Do you always doubt yourself, put yourself down or constantly apologise? Does the thought of meeting new people fill you with fear? Do you hate being out of your comfort zone and venturing into new territory?

Everybody is born confident. As you go through life some experiences add to your confidence and some take it away. If something has “taken away” your confidence it can be difficult to get it back, as you can then become more vulnerable to other things knocking your confidence.

It may be that you have never had any encouragement or confirmation that you were doing the right thing. Starting a new job and worrying about failure can affect your confidence as can pressure from bosses or parents.

It may be that you have lost confidence in a particular area of your life, for example, if you have fallen off your horse or had an accident in your car. Some people just feel they have always been shy and reserved for no particular reason.

Whatever your personal issues are, Julie can help you address these, and treat you as an individual. Gaining more confidence has a wonderfully beneficial effect on all areas of your life and hypnotherapy is an effective means of achieving this. Results are quick, effective and lasting.

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