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* Can Hypnosis be dangerous?

When you are in hypnosis all that means is that you have a better communication with your subconscious mind. You always have a certain level of communication with your subconscious but when in hypnosis this heightened level means you can then make beneficial changes.

There are lots of ways of communicating with the subconscious which are not called hypnosis such as meditation, subliminal messages, and brain washing. All of these things when used irresponsibly can be dangerous.

We are also naturally suggestable at times such as when in a fearful state and in childhood and at these times we can also pick up negative behaviours.

Whatever banner hypnosis comes under it is something that needs to be respected however the word hypnosis its self probably has unfair negative press because it is poorly portrayed by the media. Nobody asks if meditation is dangerous.

Most of the time as hypnotherapist we are de-programming people from all the negative stuff they have picked up rather than re-programming them. Classic negative programmes such as ‘I’m not good enough’ from childhood, ‘it is difficult to stop smoking’ a widely held universal belief and ‘childbirth is painful’ anther widely held belief in the western word.

As long as you seek out a reputable and qualified hypnotherapist, as you would expect to do with any profession you are safe.

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