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* Tips on overcoming fear of heights.

With the i360 now open a lot of people will be looking forward to taking a ride, however there will also be a number of people dreading the prospect due to a fear of heights.

A lot of fears are totally irrational however in this case it is good to have a healthy respect for heights as they are potentially dangerous.

The feelings of anxiety are coming from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is there to protect you and is perceiving the height as a threat. It can be difficult to change subconscious reactions however there are some things that you can do to help.

Firstly imagine yourself somewhere that you feel really safe and calm, close your eyes and think about that safe place to help turn up those feelings of calmness and safety as high as you can. Then when you have these good feelings, press your thumb and forefinger together at the same time to ‘anchor’ these feelings. When you then just press your thumb and forefingers together notice that the feelings of calmness and safety return. Practise this so that these feelings come back quickly and with strength.


Now when you are confronted with the i360, or any height you can trigger this anchor to bring the feeling of calmness back. Remember the more you use your anchor the stronger it will get.

Another thing that will help is to look around you and notice how calm and relaxed everyone else is. If they can be calm then so can you.

If you do experience feelings of anxiety, recognise them for what they are; thank your subconscious mind for protecting you. Tell yourself that you are safe and it’s ok to relax.

As always taking slow deep breaths will help you relax. Lastly take a trusted friend of family member with you for support.

Hope that helps, if you need further help visit my website

* Gambling Addiction

Fixed odds betting terminals, better known as the crack cocaine of gambling. Are you addicted?
Back in the news again yesterday this is proving to be a big problem not just in the South East but all over the country.
So what drives people to gamble? One of the first reasons is the thought of making easy money, especially if you win with your first introduction to gambling you may be under the false impression that this is a fast way to riches. It will not be long before you give all you winnings and more back to the bookmaker. You then get caught in the trap of chasing your losses or ‘get-even-itis’ as I have heard it described. It doesn’t take long to get in a cycle of winning and losing but invariably losing more because the odds are stacked against you. And the odds are stacked against you, that is how the bookies make their money; it’s a basic business model. If you are one of the very few gamblers that do make money it is not long before the bookmaker will no longer stand your bets!

Another reason to get addicted especially with the fixed odds terminals is the design. Millions of pounds are invested to research what attracts people to stay on these machines i.e. what makes them addictive. It is no coincidence that all those lights and sounds are so alluring.
Then there is the buzz of a big win…all that money apparently for nothing. The sound of all those coins clinking out of the machine combined with the lights flashing and bells sounding can give you a rush of excitement.
“Each time I have a winner, it gives me a boost. I might lose on the next spin and then if I win on the following one, that’s a boost again. I keep on thinking I’m going to get my money back, plus a bit.” John (BBC News)

So what can you do about it as the government seem to be reluctant to change any laws at the moment? One solution is hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy is very effective at changing people’s habits and behaviours. You may have heard that hypnosis can help with habits such a smoking and food addictions like sugar. It can also help break your gambling addiction. Reasons why you are gambling will be addressed and the association with ‘the buzz’ and gaming broken so that you can see yourself on the road to freedom.

* Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go and see a hypnotherapist and come out of the session an hour later and be a stone lighter…if only!

Unfortunately that isn’t how hypnosis works; it is a bit more complicated than that. Hypnosis works by changing your relationship with food for the better. A lot of people are comfort eaters or emotional eaters and therefore find it very difficult to stick to a diet, however good the diet is.

The emotions are seated in your subconscious mind and therefore difficult to change by just telling yourself to be healthy. When you are in hypnosis all that literally means is that you have a good communication with your subconscious mind. When this takes place you can then change your bad habits and behaviours for new more beneficial ways of coping.

Obviously you would not want to substitute one bad habit for another so what hypnotherapy does is boost your confidence and help you deal more effectively with stress and emotions.

You also need to consider that some food substances are addictive such as sugar, fat and salt. This is another area where hypnosis can help as it is highly effective at breaking habits. Most addictions are more mental than physical as you will find that when you are busy or distracted that you don’t crave certain foods. It’s the belief that they will help or the association with an action or time of the day that drives it. When you break this association by using hypnosis healthy eating becomes much easier.



Lack of motivation is another problem.  This may also get in the way of you exercising as well as healthy eating. The best strategy for exercise is to do something that is fun and enjoyable such as a sport or dancing. That way you do not need the motivation. There can also be the added benefit of not wanting to let down team mates if you get involved in a team sport. Once you start exercising you will naturally be more energised and alert which once again makes it all easier, and you more motivated to continue to exercise. By being more active you will also speed up the rate as which you lose weight, another motivating factor to carry on.

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It is important to set realistic goals for yourself that are achievable. Do not give yourself a mountain to climb. If you have a lot of weight to lose give yourself an initial smaller target. Remember success breeds success, so be successful with lots of smaller goals.

Ultimately being slim is a lifestyle not a diet. If you go on a diet and lose weight then go back to your old bad eating habits the weight will always go back on, and sometimes more. If you adopt lifelong healthy eating habits with the help of hypnosis you can achieve being slim and healthy permanently.

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* How does hypnosis work?

How does hypnosis work?

The simplest definition of hypnosis is ‘communication between you conscious and subconscious minds’

Your conscious mind being you’re rational logical decision making mind and your subconscious is in charge of all your autonomic processes like breathing and blood circulation. Your subconscious mind is also in charge of your behaviours and emotions.

Behaviours like anxiety, fears, lack of confidence and the smoking habit are seated in your subconscious mind. It can therefore be difficult to change these behaviours by just making a conscious decision.

When you are in hypnosis and therefore have that good communication with your subconscious you can then issue a new set of instructions to work from, which in turn will create new more constructive ways of behaving.



Another definition for hypnosis is the art of suggestion and can therefore be compared to the placebo effect.

The whole placebo effect is based on suggestion because in the medical profession they know that if a medic gives a patient medicine there is a certain chance that they will get better no matter what has been given to them. Therefore every new drug that is bought onto the market has to be tested against a placebo drug to see how effective it really is.

The suggestion there is that if a doctor gives you medicine you will get better.

Everyone is quite happy to accept that we are all suggestable to a certain degree at times. All hypnosis does is enhance that suggestibility and use it to a person’s advantage.

To say that hypnosis does not work would be the same as saying that the placebo effect does not exist.


A hypnotic induction usually just involves being talked through a relaxation. You hear what is being said to you and you remember what is being said to you. It feels just like meditation and you are in control at all times

* Family of Hypnotherapists

Julie James:

Way back in 1995 my husband time came home one day an announced that he was going up to London for the weekend to do a Self-Hypnosis course. I thought I might be missing out on something if I didn’t do it as well.

Little did I know at that time the wonderful life changing effect it would have on me and my family. Having been blown away by the self-hypnosis course I then signed up for the full Hypnotherapy course and have not looked back since.

I was looking for a career change at the time as I always thought that there must be more to life that working nine to five. So I came to hypnotherapy to be good at it and make a profitable career from it. A lot of people train as hypnotherapists after having hypnotherapy themselves so their motivation is more from the self-development point of view.

I believe my approach and that of my Father and Sister has made us more professional and successful.

After qualifying I didn’t waste any time setting up my practise and was so happy and helping so many people in my new career that I also encouraged my Father, Roland James and sister, Helen James to take up Hypnotherapy.

Roland James:

Prior to coming to Australia.   I served with, the British Royal Marines during the conflict in Cyprus.   I then ran and managed the family farm.  I was on several National Farmers Union committees, two at national level.  These experiences have given me a wider knowledge of life.  This is a great asset for understanding my client’s problems.

As for our respective locations, Julie lives in Hove in the South of England, Helen lives in Bury the North of England.  I live on the Gold Coast in Australia so we are not quite under each other’s feet.

I was spending a few days visiting Julie, she and her husband, were going on a refresher self-hypnosis course.  They asked if I would I like to join them?  The course was on a Friday evening, followed by all day Saturday and Sunday.  I have always had an interest in hypnosis, although I knew very little about it.  Sunday afternoon we put it to the test. After giving myself the suggestion that my body was ‘as if it was a steel bar’ I then lay between two stools with Julie sitting on my lap.   Next test, sticking a large nappy pin through the skin on my forearm after creating a natural anaesthetic.  With no bleeding soreness or pain, obviously there was something in hypnosis, and here was the proof.  When I returned to Australia, I did a hypnosis course and progressed from there.  Over the years I have been in close contact with Julie as I regard her as a competent therapist.

A few years later, Julie’s younger sister Helen, decided she wanted a change of occupation, she too took up hypnotherapy.  Although we live oceans apart, we are very much in contact, sharing our experiences and continuously learning from each other.  I must admit, I think I learn more from them than they do from me.


Helen James:

Having seen the incredible work that my sister and father were doing as hypnotherapists I decided it was time for a career change.
I had a successful career in IT and finance and was quite enjoying office life, but I could see my sister and father getting amazing job satisfaction, so in 1997 I went on my first hypnosis course, then a few years later I went on to train as a hypnotherapist.
I found my experience in the office extremely useful, seeing and experiencing life’s stresses and strains not just myself but from my work colleagues too.

Life experience and help from my family enabled me to get off to a flying start as a hypnotherapist. Now my sister, father and myself all support each other, between us I don’t think there is a client issue with which we do not have experience.


As a family Julie, Roland and Helen have nearly 60 years of experience between them and by collaborating together they can give their clients the very best therapy.


Helen James

Helen James


Roland James

Roland James

* Why Don’t Diets Work?

The short answer is being slim for most people is a life style not a diet.

If you go on a diet for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and lose some weight, if you then go back to your old bad eating habits you will always regain the weight and possibly some more.

So to have lifelong healthy eating habits you need to address the reasons why you are overeating in the first place. Is it emotional eating? Is it boredom eating? Or is it just a bad habit? The trouble with all these things is they become subconscious behaviours and therefore difficult to change by just making a conscious decision to be healthy.

The fastest way to change subconscious behaviours is with hypnosis because it deals directly with your subconscious mind.

So if you do want to be slim permanently you might want to consider hypnotherapy.

* Virtual Gastric Band

Channel 4 showed a programme this week called ‘How to lose weight’ and they covered hypnotherapy.

The virtual gastric band is an interesting topic and most people are understandably sceptical about it. Having said that I have read stories in the press about it being successful and also heard first hand of people that have benefited from it albeit short term.

Most hypnotherapists that use this technique will also use traditional approaches that deal with the reasons why a person is overeating in the first place. Unless this is done the virtual gastric band is likely to be short term because the desire to overeat will take over.

The gastric band approach can therefore been seen as a bit of a gimmick, an excuse to charge a lot of money and possibly prey on desperate people.

If you deal with the reasons why you are overeating through traditional hypnotherapy or some other approach then there is no need for a gastric band virtual or otherwise.

* Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Hypnosis is the art of suggestion. As hypnotherapists we take people into hypnosis and then offer suggestions to the subconscious mind about making changes.

The whole placebo effect is based on suggestion because in the medical profession they know that if a medic gives a patient medicine there is a certain chance that they will get better no matter what has been given to them. Therefore every new drug that is bought onto the market has to be tested against a placebo drug to see how effective it really is.

The suggestion there is that if a doctor gives you medicine you will get better.

Everyone is quite happy to accept that we are all suggestable to a certain degree at times. All hypnosis does is enhance that suggestibility and use it to a person’s advantage.

To say that hypnosis does not work would be the same as saying that the placebo effect does not exist.

* Can Hypnosis be dangerous?

When you are in hypnosis all that means is that you have a better communication with your subconscious mind. You always have a certain level of communication with your subconscious but when in hypnosis this heightened level means you can then make beneficial changes.

There are lots of ways of communicating with the subconscious which are not called hypnosis such as meditation, subliminal messages, and brain washing. All of these things when used irresponsibly can be dangerous.

We are also naturally suggestable at times such as when in a fearful state and in childhood and at these times we can also pick up negative behaviours.

Whatever banner hypnosis comes under it is something that needs to be respected however the word hypnosis its self probably has unfair negative press because it is poorly portrayed by the media. Nobody asks if meditation is dangerous.

Most of the time as hypnotherapist we are de-programming people from all the negative stuff they have picked up rather than re-programming them. Classic negative programmes such as ‘I’m not good enough’ from childhood, ‘it is difficult to stop smoking’ a widely held universal belief and ‘childbirth is painful’ anther widely held belief in the western word.

As long as you seek out a reputable and qualified hypnotherapist, as you would expect to do with any profession you are safe.

* Can Hypnosis help stressed out buisness people?

The body’s response to stress is to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode. When this happens all the blood drains from your digestive systems and goes to your major muscles thus preparing you to ‘fight or flight’ Your awareness also changes and we tend to perceive everything in our environment as a possible threat to our survival.

When this happens we lose the ability to think rationally and logically. Our immune systems can become compromised. People can suffer digestive problems such as IBS. Also restful sleep can become difficult.

The fight or flight response is very primitive and hard-wired into our brains. It represents a genetic wisdom designed to protect us from bodily harm. To primitive man stress was running away from a sabre tooth tiger or a woolly mammoth and was an appropriate response.

Today stress is dealing with work colleagues, technology, deadlines and family. The fight or flight responses is not helpful in modern stress situations. Short bursts of adrenalin are ok if you are about to be hit by the number 5 bus however constant high levels of adrenalin caused by modern life can be very detrimental.

So how do you change the stress response? Clearly a bit of stress at appropriate times is a good thing to keep us out of harm’s way and to change that would be difficult and possibly foolhardy.

What we can do is change our perception of stress especially when the situation is not life threatening. The decision to mount the stress response comes from your subconscious mind and the most effective way of communicating with that part of your mind is through hypnosis.

Your subconscious mind is the seat of all your emotions and therefore directs nearly all of your behaviours. Hypnosis is a safe way of accessing this natural intelligence and issuing new instructions to create seemingly miraculous changes in you, your behaviour and your body.

Everyone can be hypnotised and it is something that happens naturally such as when you are daydreaming, driving or watching TV. You are in control at all times and cannot be made to do anything that you don’t want to do.

So if you want eliminate stress and restore some balance in yourself hypnosis is an obvious answer.


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