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With modern technology you can now have one to one hypnotherapy online in the comfort and safety of your own home. Skype or Zoom sessions are ideal in the current climate. This also saves the time and hassle of travelling. Helping people for over 22 years has made Julie a very effective Hypnotherapist. She has been particularly successful in helping people to quit smoking and overcome anxiety.

Qualifications are in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching and E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) With these techniques Julie also helps people to Stop Smoking Lose Weight, Stress Management, Confidence Building, Fears and Phobias, Better Sleep and much more  – see the Help With menu for details.

Julie is also a certified Havening Practitioner which is hugely successful at helping people with PTSD and phobia’s.

Hypnotherapy is much faster than other more conventional therapies.  Most issues are helped with between two and four sessions.

Julie James Hypnotherapy has been featured in both local and national press and on local radio.

“I’d had a few sessions with Julie before the pandemic locked us down. They’ve really helped me build confidence, change my mind set and begin to make real changes in my life. We had a session booked and I was given the option to postpone or try virtual; I decided to go virtual – I didn’t want to stop the progress I was making. At first, I felt a little unsure about how it would work and whether I would receive the same level of therapy. Any doubts were immediately removed. The session was great, maybe even a little better. You can get comfortable in your own space – your own home – and listen to Julie through headphones which blocks out other sounds, and which, as with music, delivers the audio directly to you mind. I’ve had two virtual sessions now and have another booked. I’m so pleased that I didn’t postpone my progress. Who knows how long this will last, may as well embrace the new” Claire P
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With the current coronavirus scare I am now doing most hypnotherapy online. Now is a great time to stop biting your nails and you can also use hypnosis to stop you touching your face. Above is a free hypnosis session to help you stop touching your face unnecessarily. Please note hypnosis recordings are not recommended for people suffering serious mental disorders. I have also reduced my session fees to make this more accessible to more people